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‘The Tip Off’ – A Hoops India Production

This original production brings you courtside with Hoops India.This video contains footage from some of our events, skill competitions, and workshops, and will give viewers a glimpse into the talent and passion that exists on basketball courts in India.

Many thanks to all those who made this video possible, including Kenzo Digital Media for creative expertise and post production support and DJ Iron Kutz for the original music production. Thank you to all those who make our events, tournaments, and training camps possible, including our sponsors Nike and Gatorade.

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7 Responses to “‘The Tip Off’ – A Hoops India Production”

  1. dipen singh says:

    its a fantastic work..the video is outstanding and thrilling.u guys r doin a gr8 job..the game of b.b needs a such kind of push in our country and i hope one day there is an indian defending number “24″ at the staples center..!!


  2. akku says:

    Great job.Wish Hoops India all the luck.

  3. Betty says:

    Go Hoops India!!

  4. arjun says:

    i had no idea bball iz so big in india, keep bringin it!!

  5. Neel,

    The trailor looks great! Good look with the project!!!


  6. Sid says:

    we look forward to what you are coming with feels as tho finally basketball is coming to india with hoops of the best luck!
    go hoops!

  7. good video, i’m proud to see more and more bball enthusiasts organizing events around the country. basketball needs to be promoted both ways – to be made attractive to the young, urban youth as well as a viable career option for those from smaller towns or different backgrounds around the country.
    great website, too.

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