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9 NBA Stars speak on Hoops in India

Over the past 5 years, a handful of current and former NBA players have traveled to India.  Below is a list of the most notable players, the year they visited, and direct quotes from them regarding their experiences of basketball in India.

Kevin Garnett (2006)


I have learned to respect and appreciate the culture in India. People here are just as excited about basketball as we are in the states.  Truly amazing how far and global basketball has come.

After taking pictures, signing autographs and signing my first Adidas cricket paddle I was off to the airport, saying goodbye to India, at least for now!

At the school I got to see some of the girls and guys play. I hope that the youngsters in the US are working on their games, because the kids here in India are. I was truly impressed.


Pau Gasol (2010)


Spain is also not known for players with big physiques. It is just a matter of starting to play with a lot of passion. Most of the good international players in the league are point and shooting guards. There is nothing wrong if the kids target playing as guards, and not forwards.  India can still produce really high quality of players if the up and coming kids learn to love the sport.

These sorts of events and programmes will certainly attract kids. They will realize how much fun basketball truly is.


Dwight Howard (2010)


I do want to come back. It means a lot just to see the solid fan base that we have here already and the possibility of it getting a lot bigger. And I want to be a part of that.

I just want to try to push those kids to try to reach their goals. I didn’t have any player pushing me, being in my face, so I know how good it would feel to have somebody that’s in my profession helping me out.

We understand how big India is, and how great it would be to have basketball be a big sport here. I was delighted with the opportunity to come over here. This has always been a dream to come to India, and I’m living out my dream.


Baron Davis (2009)


There is a huge potential for the game in India. There is definitely enormous talent and hunger to do well.  Anytime you look at the kids, all you can see is that they are really attentive and they want to be a star.

I look forward to seeing India make a great basketball country

Sports Campus

IBN Live

Dominque Wilkins (2008)


There is talent everywhere you go. Anywhere in the world you go there is talent. It takes programs to find that talent and help nurse that talent. But it’s going to take time and over a period of time you will see more and more Indian players getting involved in basketball.

IBN Live

Kyle Korver (2008)


It’s like people don’t really know anything about basketball. All of the interviews I did out here today, they all believe that they aren’t tall enough.

But I have played with a lot of guys like Allen Iverson for five years. He was six feet tall.  There are a lot of India people out there with that height. Allen Iverson is one of the greatest players I have played with.

So I think we can just teach some of the basics, the fundamentals, then the kids can pick it up and really enjoy.

IBN Live

AC Green (2009, 2010)


This is why the coaches’ clinic is so important here and across India. The coaches here are mostly teachers too.  The teachers are so important because they don’t realise to whom they are talking to all the time and they don’t know the destiny of the kids.

Hindu on Net

Dikembe Mutombo (2009)


Don’t forget India has more than 1.5 billion people. Imagine how things would change if just one person from India makes it big

DNA India

Ronny Turiaf (2008)


Basketball isn’t very well known around India because they don’t have too much media coverage. All I see on TV is cricket.


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  1. karan swish says:

    i’m liking how this was put together, also wishing that these players had good times in india so they will be active with hoops in the future. and think the videos are truly awesome!!

  2. i am the next dwayne wade

  3. anmol singh says:

    there is lots of talent in haryana as compared to other states…so it will b gud for talented guys..who r in ambala…can learn from the..nba players…..i m welcmng…the nba players to come in haryana…..in ambala…..to see……its….heavy talent in ambala……

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